Why Is Jennie Butler running? 
I am running for office because I am concerned about public education, aging in place, and a balanced approach to budgeting. I taught high school mathematics for 31 years, 27 years in Windham.  I always encouraged my students to reach their full potential. I believe it is crucial to invest in education. All students in Maine need opportunities to be successful and have role models both in and out of the classroom. Excellent Pre-K through post-secondary education no matter what zip code is how Maine will keep and attract younger people. I am deeply committed to finding strategies to help Windham residents age in place, especially since becoming a caregiver myself. I retired from teaching full time four years ago to care for my mother who had a stroke. She has lived with us for many years but is no longer able to accomplish many everyday tasks. I was fortunate to be able to retire and help her, knowing many others are not able to do that. Maine is among the states with the oldest median age in the country so these situations are going to be even more common. We need to be fiscally responsible. All expenditures must be assessed for true need and not just based on past practices. Our towns and middle class citizens need relief. We need to examine and increase our revenue sources. 


As a Windham High School math teacher for 27 years, I have seen firsthand the opportunities a quality education provides to students and their communities. I've also seen school funding cut and property taxes soar higher then ever -- the math doesn't add up. As your Representative, I'll use my experience and fiscal responsibility to ensure kids get their education they deserve while providing much-needed tax relief to middle-class families.

Community leadership

Down East Ski Club

Schooner Harvey Gamage

St. Ann's Episcopal Church

Windham High School,. former teacher

Boy Scouts of America, former committee chair

Windham Recreational Department Advisory Committee


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