Civil and Human Rights
I believe in a democratic government that guarantees all of us our rights stated in the Constitution. 
Economic Opportunity and Security
We all deserve to have opportunity to succeed, be taxed fairly, and be assured that our local, state, and federal money is spent wisely. 
Education is the key to Maine’s future. All Mainers deserve a great education no matter what zip code. Maine needs to be able to provide excellent education that brings young families to Windham and Maine. Maine needs to provide the well-rounded education for jobs in Maine that don’t even exist yet. 
Energy and Environment 
We have a great state with natural beauty and resources. We need to make sure we are working toward keeping our environment clean and moving toward 100% renewable energy. 
Ethical Government and Democracy
I believe that our government should be ruled by the people and not beholden to special interests. 
Health Care 
I believe all Mainers deserve access to affordable healthcare not as a privilege but as a right. 
Maine was built on a strong middle class and it still needs to be our focus. All people in Maine need to have access to good paying jobs. We need to focus on increasing wages for those at the bottom of the scale by fully funding educational programs.


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Priorities for Windham

  • Take a fiscally responsible approach to balancing the budget while supporting the middle class

  • Ensure outstanding educational opportunities for all Mainers, from pre-K through workforce training

  • Help seniors stay in their homes and communities while providing assistance to family caregivers


Maine Education Association


Sierra Club Maine

314 Action - The largest pro-science advocacy organization committed to electiong scientists and STEM professionals to public office. Visit for more information.

Equality Maine

National Association of Social Workers - Maine Chapter